There are fires in California. People in Puerto Rico and so many other places are working on recovering from hurricanes. People are killed and friends die.

I wrote a note to my daughter-in-law who lives in Napa.  She responded, “It is horrific for so many here. Many of our friends have lost everything. Prayers are what everyone needs the most.”  In the midst of the destruction around us, of our environment, of our civility, I sometimes wonder about prayer. Prayer is not enough in the face of devastation. We also must act to address and fix problems.  But prayer is important.

I sit in the morning in the quiet. I light a candle. I breathe in peace and love for myself. I send out peace and love into the world. I believe that it makes a difference. I believe that God is in the peace and love. I believe that God is the peace and love.

So, I sit in the morning as I start my day, holding all of the devastation and destruction, all of the pain and sorrow, and I send out prayers. Then I get up and get to work.