I was sitting in my office yesterday and a young woman appeared at the door.  “I read that you collect for the food pantry, can I give this to you?” I said,” yes”. She smiled, left this green bag full of food, and went her way.

Later I got a call about one of the recovery programs and if it was still meeting. We get calls about cat adoptions and space use, sometimes even about worship times. As we end the church year this Sunday I’m thinking about how we are known. We are known by the banners outside and our signs. We are known by how we share our building and our lives.

I’m just beginning to learn how we are known in the community, for our commitment to the Housing Corporation of Arlington and the Homeless Coalition of Somerville, the Food Pantry and Arlington Eats. I’m learning how we are known in the Annual Conference for our generosity through the Lukas Fund.

I hope that we are known by all of the ways we connect to the world around us. I hope that others will want to share in something of what we do, even if it’s just dropping off a bag of food or attending a meeting.

How do you want to be known?