The decorations are appearing at the parsonage bit by bit. There are many stories attached to many things. This tree sits at the bottom of the stairs. My grandmother made it out of chicken wire and tin cans years ago. I’m sure it was “a thing” years ago. She wasn’t a particularly crafty person but she did follow trends. I loved the rough, quirky beauty of it and one year she shipped it from Texas to me.

Every year I take it out of the huge box it lives in and put it in place. It used to sit in the corner of my living room in Andover, now it has a place in Arlington. It is a piece of history and memory. It is a reminder to find beauty where I can (no pun intended).  On this Advent journey I need to find beauty and create beauty in this rough hewn world.

Where do you find beauty in this season?

Where do you create beauty of heart, soul, mind, and voice, in this season?

What will carry you through?