I recently returned from my vacation in New Mexico, place of my heart. For several mornings this was perch, coffee in hand, waiting for the sunrise. It was really too cold to sit for long, even in my down robe, wrapped in blankets, but I did it because it filled my soul. It was worth it to watch my breath rise, to hear the ravens, and watch the scurry of critters.

It is so important to find the ways that our souls are filled and then to do them. All around us are things that vie for our attention, important things and less important things. The news swirls around us, life swirls around us, busyness swirls around us. Somewhere in the center we need to find God, we need to find peace.

I hope you have a place – a chair or a stretch of the bike path, a tree you watch or a coffee shop – that centers you. I hope you find the time to be there and breathe.

Life needs a pause. Life needs grace. Life needs peace.

May you blessed ~