Why spend money for what isn’t food,
    and your earnings for what doesn’t satisfy?

Isaiah 55:2   (CEB)

Our theme for this Lenten Season is “Enough.” What is enough? What is enough money or time or energy or food or clothing…

The things I need to let go of, in this season and in life in general, are the things that fill me with empty calories – metaphorically and literally. It is easy to fill my life with the things that don’t satisfy. And when I fill my life with things, whatever they are, I don’t have the space to be filled with God, with peace, with joy, with concern, with sadness, with things that are real.

So, as I let go of things – facebook, shopping – I make room for prayer and even emptiness.

My prayer this Lent is “Fill me, O God.” A breath prayer for all of those moments when I need to center again. Breathing in “fill me” breathing out “O God.”

May you find emptiness in this season and fill it with grace.