I sit in my prayer space surrounded by the glow of candlelight. I sit in my space and offer prayers for my friend and her husband facing  one more surgery today, for the people on our prayer list, for the world and this country. I pray for those who have suffered from the last storm and will suffer with the one to come. I pray surrounded by the glow of candlelight in the quiet of the morning.

I sit in the quiet of the morning and I meditate, centering my heart and soul for whatever the day may hold. Resting myself in God’s care.

I do this every morning. Some days it is peaceful and some days I am twitchy, eager to start the day. But if I don’t sit, surrounded by candlelight or at least a moment of quiet, I am not centered on what is most important. A single candle will do. A moment of quiet will do.

God greets me in the silence and the light.