I had such hope when I bought this container of plants. I had hopes for spring and beauty and warmth. I watered it and left it in the sun, but on the entry porch with no heat. It did well for awhile and then, all of a sudden, it drooped.

Hope is nothing without care and action. Hope alone, without caring, without engaging, without doing something with it, is useless. If I hope for the world to change and don’t do anything, it is pointless. If I hope for things to be different without doing anything to help, it is useless. If I hope to change myself but don’t take the first step, nothing will happen.

There is nothing I can do to bring Spring, but I can march on Saturday against gun violence, I can engage in spiritual practices to change my heart and life. I can engage the world to bring about the changes I hope for.

How will you engage your hope? How will you nurture it?