Easter Sunday is over but the Easter Season is just beginning. We are invited to live a resurrected life. We are invited to fill our lives with the things that give life and share love.

Years ago we remodeled our home. We had to remove everything in order for the work to get done.  When the house was finished I was determined that I would only bring in my favorite things, the necessary things, nothing more. And mostly it worked. The house is full of things that bring me delight, things that make me smile, remember, think.

My Lenten journey was like that, I cleared away a lot in my life, and now I’m bringing things back in. I’m bringing them in carefully and thoughtfully, things that bring me delight, that make me smile, remember, and think.

Lent was about reorienting myself in God’s care. Easter is about living that reorientation, that resurrection.

How will you live the resurrection in this season of new life?