Our Sunday morning worship service, as presented in our weekly worship bulletin, follows the basic format of liturgy of the United Methodist Church.

Entrance The people come together in the Lord’s name and are seated in the Sanctuary, while the musical prelude is played. A worship bulletin is given to worshipers as they enter the Sanctuary, and visitors are invited to sign our guest book.
Welcome and Announcements The Pastor or leader welcomes the congregation and visitors and makes brief announcements.
Call to Worship The Worship Leader invites those who are able to stand, and all to join in the Call to Worship. Scripture sentences or responsive readings between the leader and the people declare that the Lord is present and empowers our worship.
Hymn All who are able remain standing, and all join in singing a hymn. The hymn number is printed in the bulletin and is displayed on the hymn boards at the front of the Sanctuary.
Unison Prayer All lift our voices in saying the Unison Prayer printed in the bulletin.
Bible Reading The Worship Leader reads from the Bible.
Children’s Message and Sending Song The children are invited to come forward and the Pastor or other leader shares a message with the children and the congregation. After the children’s message, the children are invited to attend the nursery or Junior Church program. As the children depart, the congregation sings a sending song.
Bible Reading The Worship Leader reads from the Bible.
Sermon A sermon is delivered, typically where one or more of the readings is interpreted.
Hymn of Response All join in a hymn.
Celebrations and Concerns Worshipers are encouraged to share their joys and concerns with the congregation, and prayer requests are included.
Pastoral or Silent Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer The Pastor offers a prayer or a time of silence, followed by the entire congregation joining in the Lord’s Prayer.
Presentation of Tithes and Offerings Offering plates are passed to the congregation, and gifts are received and presented.
Doxology and Prayers of Dedication As the gifts are delivered to the altar, those who are able stand, and sing the Doxology (this is a short hymn; words are usually printed in the bulletin).
Passing of the Peace The people greet one another and offer signs of reconciliation and love, and wish each other the peace of our Lord.
Communion and Communion Prayer (on the first Sunday of each month) Worshipers come forward and are offered grape juice and bread. After all are served, the congregation joins in the prayer after Communion.
Hymn A final hymn is sung.
Benediction The Pastor declares God’s blessing and the service is ended.
Postlude Music is played while the worshipers go forth from the Sanctuary.