My grandmother was an artist in her soul but she had MS so her abilities were limited. She used this little weaving square for a time to make things. It was given to me when she died and I have wanted to learn how to use it since then. It wasn’t until this last weekend that I spent the time to figure it out with the help of Youtube. You wrap the threads 4 times and then weave between the warp to make a little square. You can make all sorts of things from the little squares, my grandmother made Scottie dog pillows.

This week I have been thinking about how the threads of our lives are interwoven, interconnected. Yesterday I did the funeral of a dear woman, Dottie Hewitt, who was part of the fabric of my life. Today I listened to a woman in England struggling with breast cancer and a mother with dementia. Yesterday I listened as a young woman struggled with issues from her childhood. These are threads connected to me through a group I am a part of. These are threads that make up the fabric of my life.

I believe that Gods love flows through all of the threads, catches our dropped stitches, binds us together, makes of us something new. I believe we are bound together, thread by thread, story by story, in God’s grace.