Calvary Church is dedicated to the life and teachings of Jesus and to the mission and ministry of John Wesley. We strive to have our lives reflect the compassion of Christ, affirming the worth, dignity, and gifts of every person as a child of God. We welcome and celebrate diversity, including diversity in age, economic status, ethnicity, family status, gender, physical abilities, sexual orientation, and race. Calvary is a reconciling church: all are welcome here.

View of Calvary from Mass Ave on Palm Sunday

Our Mission is to build a nurturing and learning community reaching beyond its walls to serve the people of God.

Our Congregational Statement

Calvary Church is love in action.

We are a loving, welcoming, and fully inclusive Christian community. We believe in the Gospel. We worship, live, pray, and take action all within the Wesleyan tradition. Calvary is strong spiritually and financially. We are visible due to our beautiful 100-year physical presence and our active role in the community. Our current members are multi-generational and creative. We have adaptive leaders who demonstrate their faith through good works based on our traditions as influenced by our current reality.


We seek to incarnate God’s Word in all we do and especially through these areas of emphasis. We are guided as Methodists by the Wesley Quadrilateral of Scripture, Tradition, Experience, and Reason.

Statement on 2019 General Conference Vote

We, at Calvary Church, stand in opposition to the 2019 vote of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church to support the Traditionalist Plan. We believe that all people are beloved children of God, including LGBTQIA folk. We will continue to work for the full inclusion of all persons in the whole life of the church. We will continue to work to create a better world.

The Trevor Project
Reconciling Ministries Network