Calvary Church is dedicated to the life and teachings of Jesus and to the mission and ministry of John Wesley. We strive to have our lives reflect the compassion of Christ, affirming the worth, dignity, and gifts of every person as a child of God. We welcome and celebrate diversity, including diversity in age, economic status, ethnicity, family status, gender, physical abilities, sexual orientation, and race. Calvary is a reconciling church: all are welcome here.

View of Calvary from Mass Ave on Palm Sunday

Our Mission is to build a nurturing and learning community reaching beyond its walls to serve the people of God.

Our Priorities

Calvary Church has entered into an intentional process to reflect upon and name certain priorities for ministry. These priorities are areas we feel God is calling us to focus on at this time and place in history. The four priorities are:


We seek to incarnate God’s Word in all we do and especially through these areas of emphasis. We are guided as Methodists by the Wesley Quadrilateral of Scripture, Tradition, Experience, and Reason.