My image for this year has been one of juggling. There are only so many tasks that can be picked up at once, some get dropped, some are waiting to be picked up. I don’t actually know how to juggle balls or pins but I do know how to juggle jobs and responsibilities.  It has seemed like an appropriate image as we have shaped our life together.

Juggling takes concentration. It takes rhythm. But I think it also ought to be joyful.  I think of all of us as being jugglers of family and work and responsibilities and hobbies and faith and and and…

Deciding which balls or pins to pick up requires thoughtfulness (except for the random ones thrown at us!) Deciding which balls or pins to put down requires thoughtfulness (unless they just get dropped.) It is all a rhythm of picking up and putting down. It is all grace-filled and if we’re lucky, graceful.

Life is about juggling. We do it alone and together. We do it with God’s grace.

Now I just need to learn with the balls ~