Debra lives across the street from the parsonage. Her yard is full of flowers which she waters regularly. They are beautiful and change with the seasons. I ask her about my plants often. What’s wrong with this one? What should I do about that one? She always has an answer though she wonders why I ask. I ask because she takes such good care of her flowers and because she sells plants, that’s her job.

Most recently I asked her for suggestions about filling an empty space in the front of the parsonage. It was a space that had been filled with something at some time but those things had died and there was just moss.  Debra brought a hibiscus and several other flowering plants. Within days of being planted, the hibiscus bloomed and it continues to bloom day after day. It is a gift, literally and figuratively, of connection.

What are our gifts and how do we share them?

What are the skills we have that we don’t know that we have?

How can God use us in this neighborhood and our own neighborhoods to share beauty and grace?