On Sunday afternoon I stood on Boston Common with people of various faith traditions to remember those who were murdered at the Tree of Life synagogue. There were powerful words of remembrance and encouragement spoken by faith leaders and politicians. At the end a cantor chanted a beautiful prayer that floated in the air before a rabbi prayed the Kaddish prayer. It was solemn and lovely.

A few days before two African Americans were killed in a Kroger’s grocery store. Day in and day out our neighbors in Boston are being killed by gun violence. There are funerals but the outcry gets lost in the dailyness of ordinary violence that we seem to take for granted.

I find I am swamped by the constant information about evil, about hatred, about violence. Police Commissioner Gross spoke at the vigil. He said, “evil can’t write the narrative of our country.” Wc can’t let evil write the story. We must stand where we can, do what we can, to bring an end to hatred and violence. Sometimes we stand, sometimes we pray, sometimes we work to make a change.

May God stand with us,