This past Sunday we celebrated baptism and confirmation, we listened to stories and song, we prayed and blessed each member of the confirmation class. It was a wonderful day. It was wonderful because we heard and celebrated the stories of seven remarkable people. It was wonderful because we shared, as a community of faith, another stage of the life journeys.

We don’t do that enough – share our stories and songs, share our gifts and our faith.

On Saturday night the parents and mentors and youth leader spoke about the individual gifts of each participant. Each confirmand got to hear wonderful things about who they are, about how proud people are of them, about the gifts they bring to the world.

We don’t do that enough – praise each other for the special gifts that we are.

What is the story you need to share about your faith? What are the gifts you would like to offer to Calvary and the world beyond?

Are there kind words that you would like to offer to someone else?

Saturday and Sunday were opportunities to give and receive.

Every day is an opportunity to give and receive. How will you do it?