Right before Thanksgiving, we put out our line which usually holds strips of fabric in memory of those killed by gun violence. This time it held scarves for anyone who wanted to take them. We put out a full line of handknit scarves in plastic bags on the line. In just a couple of hours, all but one were gone. Next time I looked there were scarves that had been added by strangers.

I love that we have a chance to interact with our neighbors, with those who pass by. I love that people took a scarf as the cold started to descend. I love that we can create a place where there is a give and take. I love that we can create things that add a little bit of softness and warmth to the world.

We don’t always to grand things. Sometimes we knit or buy or share a scarf. All of it is an act of faith.

I look forward to what is on the line – what comes, what goes. I hope to see a glimpse of familiar yarn around a stranger’s neck.

May you be blessed with warmth in this season,