I woke this morning with anticipation. I held my breath as I looked at the results of the elections and voting results in Massachusetts and across the country. My anticipation and concern was not just about politics it was about the heart of our country. Where are we going? What path are we taking?

I looked and saw women being elected and underrepresented communities finding representation. It seemed like there was a little bit of light on our path. Ayanna Pressley gave, what she called, a vision speech rather than a victory speech. She said the victory speech would be when she accomplished what she set out to change. In her speech, she said, “We will be defined by our hopes not our fears.”

I think that is our choice, always, as people of faith. We can be defined by hope or fear, by love or hate. We are on a path and it twists and turns. We find light where we can. We offer light where we can. We walk in hope.