Eternity is now or not at all:

Waited for, a wisp: remembered, shadows.

Eternity is solid as the sun:

As present; as familiar; as immense.

“Is Now”  Mark Van Doren


There are moments when we have glimpses of eternity, whatever that means. There are moments when we pause because something feels holy or beautiful. There are moments of great pain or great joy and stop us in our tracks.

These days I am aware of lots of endings. I have been attending and officiating lots of  funerals these days. Most are people I have known for years, if not a lifetime. Some I have known for a shorter time but they still tug at my heart. This is the last year my daughter will be home. The church that raised me is changing into something that I don’t recognize.

In the endings there are moments of possibility. I give thanks for the lives that I have shared for a life time or a short time. I give thanks for the life of my daughter and look forward to where her life will lead. I hold out hope of resurrection for the church and new opportunities to share a fully inclusive faith with the world.

There are moments of grace, of eternity, which find us, which stop us in our tracks. God is in those moments, all of our moments, when we make time to stop, to listen, to look.