If you’re a Jeopardy fan, you might have noticed the current champion, James Holzhauer, is setting new records, making his wallet fat, and showing no mercy with the competition. His strategy seems to be fairly simple: he aggressively searches for the Daily Double and, once found, he aggressively bets a large portion, sometimes all of his money.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game show, contestants compete in two rounds of six categories each. The clues in said categories are worth set amounts of money. The more difficult the clue, the more money the contestant will receive for giving the correct response. Contestants take turns choosing categories and offering answers in the form of a question. There are three clues in the entire game that contain Daily Doubles. If a contestant unveils a Daily Double, they are able to wager some or all of their winnings for a chance to receive more money.

James Holzhauer is described during the introduction to the show as a professional sports gambler. It seems putting in all the chips is a strategy with which he is familiar. While most Jeopardy players take a more reserved stance and tend to slowly build up their winnings throughout the game, Holzhauer sets his sights on doubling his money every chance he gets. He doesn’t seem to be nervous. He doesn’t hold back. He goes all in, all the time. Holzhauer’s winning streak is not mere luck. He has a vast, seemingly infinite, knowledge base when it comes to trivia. He has entered this popular game show fully prepared.

At Calvary, we’ve introduced the important issue of Climate Change to our Sunday School classes. I’m certain most if not all people who attend Calvary recycle, bring reusable mugs to the coffee shop instead of purchasing a paper cup, stay informed of changing weather patterns, etc. I suspect many of us acknowledge the threat of climate change. I believe we mourn for the members of God’s creation that are extinct and worry about those who are endangered. I believe we have great intentions and we’re pacing ourselves with environmentally conscious methods that fit within our schedules. I also believe we are up against a deadline and our opponent is playing aggressively, altering the earth’s climate as we slowly fill our recycling bins.

I’m a fan of post-apocalyptic science fiction, but I don’t want to see my favorite movies and books become reality. Since the Sunday after Easter and continuing through June 2nd, the children in our Sunday School program are connecting our faith to this environmental obstacle we face leading up to a chance for all of us to really challenge ourselves in how we live and how we affect the life of this planet. I hope to see all of you in the fellowship hall on June 9th as we host a Renewal Fair, a chance for all of us to learn ways in which we can take conserving God’s creation to the next level. I hope we continue to recycle, continue to bring reusable mugs to coffee shops, and continue to prepare ourselves with knowledge that rivals James Holzhauer. I also hope we can take the bull by the horns and decide to play a little more aggressively.