Yesterday, on Whidby Island in Washington State, was the celebration of life for my friend Gina Marie. She wrote a book called Camino Divina about holy walking so at 3:00 on Whidby Island, 6:00 in Arlington, I walked in the rain in memory and gratitude for her life. While I walked close to Spy Pond, a friend walked the deck of her riverboat on the Rhine, another walked in the South of France, another in Oregon. We were all connected in love, memory, and action.

That’s how prayer works. It doesn’t always happen with our feet, sometimes it is just our hearts and minds, but it connects us across time and space to each other and to God.

Yesterday I gave thanks for the life of Gina. As I walked down the block I saw a little bit of sparkle, when I picked it up it was a holy medal of Mary. I think it was a message across time and space from Gina Marie.